Matt's New Look?

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

Matt's New Look 1

With his signature curly locks and square frames, Matt Bennett has a look that's totally classic. But what if he traded in his familiar specs for some hilarious new headgear? Let's take a moment to imagine the possibilities...

Matt's New Look 2

Ahoy! Matt Bennett's looking like a member of the Bikini Bottom crew in this arrrrghsome eye patch! He'd definitely be one of the nicest pirates we've ever met. Don't you agree?

Matt's New Look 3

Wow, now that's a fashion forward change! We love a guy who can rock pink and Matt makes these glittery shades look like he was born to wear them. Now all he needs is a funny blue wig and he's set for Halloween! LOL.

Matt's New Look 4

Here's a hilariously tricky pair of head wear. And they're perfect for pranking, too. If Matt sported these silly shades 24/7, he just might spark one too many giggle fits. This guy is funny enough already! So, maybe he should stick to the plain frames.

While we enjoy these potential new looks for Matt, we'll always adore his classic sense of style. But hey, it's always fun to play dress up once in a while! Even if it's just on Halloween.


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