Matt Bennett Eats Quail Eggs?!

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

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We've eaten some pretty crazy things before (trust us, slime does NOT taste like candy), but we've got nothin' on Victorious star Matt Bennett! He spilled to PopStar! about his outrageously odd eating habits, and gave all the icky details on his craziest unique eats...

Blog Image Matt Bennett Eats Quail Eggs Image 2

Matt explained, "I'm sort of an adventurous eater. I eat a lot of weird stuff. I've eaten snails. I've eaten sting ray, shark, alligator, sea urchin, salmon roe (which is little salmon eggs),quail eggs...I had raw quail eggs on top of sea urchin...I've eaten a lot of weird things. And you should, too! ...And read a book!"

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Thanks for the advice, Matt. But maybe we'll read a book about wild and crazy cuisines and leave the actual eating part up to you...Quail eggs for breakfast?! Hmm, we might just stick to cereal.


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