More Fun Facts About Max Schneider

Posted on Oct 1, 2012


Be honest, you've always wanted to know more about How to Rock's Max Schneider. And now you can! The star let Alloy in on five facts we might not know about him from his middle name to what he always carries on him to his favorite beverage, he spilled it all!


With out further ado, here's some facts you might not know about Max Schneider according the the guy himself:

"One, I had an African coming of age ceremony instead of a barmitzvah when I was 13... long story, I'll probably tell you another time."

"Number two, my middle name is George, Maxwell George Schneider."

"Number three, I bring my ukulele everywhere I go, play a little music in the park, always have it with me."

"Number four, I love zip lining, anywhere in the world, it's my favorite thing to do, I love doing that."

"I love coffee, it's one of my favorite things in the world and I love tasting different coffees. And I love you guys!"

Awww, well isn't he sweet? Now we know when he's not zipping from coffee shop to coffee shop, he's playing sweet jams on his ukulele!


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