Max Schneider Chats About Rags!

Posted on May 8, 2012


Who's ready to see Max Schneider rock out in Rags as Keke Palmer's uber talented Cinderfella? We are! And so is the movie's leading lad. We had the chance to chat with Max about everything from his fave songs to the thrill of doing his first real stunt for the flick. And he was more than happy to spill all the deets. Peep the exclusive interview, below!


Nick: "So how do you think you're like your character?"
Max: "Oh I love Charlie, what I love about him most is he's such a genuine and sweet guy, and he always does what he feels is right, and he always follows his beliefs, and I love that quality about him. He's just very driven."

Nick: "What is your favorite song in the movie?"
Max: "I love all the songs, it's tough, different songs mean different things to me. I love the pawn shop song, Nothing Gets Better. It's near and dear to my heart just because it's a very classic song, it feels very old school. But every song is so good. Me and You Against the World at the end really just kinda brings the movie together, it's so uplifting. And I love Someday because I love the lyrics and the melody. It's catchy, (sings) 'I follow my dreams...' Yeah, those are probably my three favorites (laughs), so all of them."


Nick: "What was your favorite scene to shoot in the movie?"
Max: "My favorite scene...I loved all the scenes but my most memorable was doing the stunt where I climbed the side of the building in my silver suit, on the drain pipe. It was my first real stunt, and we did it full out and I had the harness and everything, and it was really amazing, it was really cool. I was like, 'Wow, we're really shooting a pretty good movie here.' So that was probably one of my favorites."

Nick: "Were you afraid to do that stunt at all?"
Max: "You know, at first when I saw the building and the rig and everything I was a little nervous, but once everybody connected the rig and everything, I was really trusting, we had such a great crew that I knew it would be alright and they'd keep me safe. So it became kind of fun, I was like oh this is cool, I'm climbing the side of a building, I don't get to do it that often."

Well, we think Max makes the perfect fairy tale prince-in-disguise and all, but with his new found confidence for scaling skyscrapers, he might want to look into booking his next gig as a superhero.

Don't miss Rags hitting the tube this Memorial Day weekend, May 28th at 8/7c!

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