Max Schneider: The Schneidermonkey

Posted on Sep 17, 2012


To say that Max Schneider has had a busy summer would be a major understatement! He's spent the past couple of months writing, singing, acting and touring! And he spilled all about it to Shalom Life. He also dished the story on a certain fan phenomenon that's been built up by way of a hilarious nick name...


First thing's first. We wanna hear about Max's fun-filled summer! Well, we know he's been hitting the stage with Victoria Justice, and he said the experience has been "absolutely incredible!" In fact, touring the country in a concert circuit is one of his favorite things. "I love live performance more than anything else and we've been having the best time on the road," he said. "But I'd say one of my favorite memories was walking on stage for our first show in Costa Mesa. I'll never forget the feeling of walking out on that stage, having the lights hit my eyes and a split second later I felt the energy from over 13,000 people at once."


13,000?! Now that's a big crowd! But we're not surprised. Max has a heap of devoted followers. In fact, his fans even have a special name of their own...Schneidermonkeys! We've been seeing this hilarious nick name everywhere. But where did it come from? Max gave the deets. "Well, people have always called me Schneider Monkey just because of my energy and mass consumption of bananas. Plus, I just love monkeys so I thought well I love monkeys, I love my fans, why not put the two together." Hey, monkey see, monkey do!

Bring on the furry tail and yellow fruit, 'cause we're ready to join the crew! Are you?!

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