Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove!!

Posted on May 14, 2011

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Miranda, happy birthday to YOU!! It's May 14, AKA the birthday of our favorite Nick starlet Miranda Cosgrove! And in honor of her big day, we thought we'd count down the top 10 things that make this webbing wonder-woman so wonderful!


10. We love her tunes! From "About You Know" to "Dancing Crazy" this girl really knows how to bring on the hits...keep 'em comin', MC!


9. Her show is hil-arious! (Duh). We love this show so much, words can't even explain-- ....... What? We mean it! We can't even put it into words!


8.She grew up before our eyes! Miranda was discovered when she was only three years old and we've been watching her since she was a tiny tot! Remember when she was on Drake and Josh? Awww!


7.She's such a tweetheart! We just can't stop following this girl's tweets. They're so fun to read! Check out what she tweeted about her bday this year!
M: "Fun day! Had a cake on set for my birthday with my iCarly family :)"
How sweet! And we're not just talking about the cake, LOL!


6.We love her concerts! This girl puts on a seriously stellar live performance. Her "Dancing Crazy Tour" totally rocked the States this year!


5.She's got great style! We're always stealing fashion tips from MC.



4.She's a KCA queen! Miranda's been strolling the Orange Carpet for as long as we can remember...and did we mention she's got three blimps to show for it?


3.She introduced us to the spaghetti taco! Best snack EVER!


2.She's not afraid to be silly. Just look at her buggin' out with Jennette McCurdy! This girl keeps us LOLing all day long.


1. Her hidden talent is crazy cool. She can shake her eyeballs! Whoa...freak-y! But awesome!!

There are so many reasons why we love Miranda Cosgrove. We could go on and on and on...But we decided to keep this list to the top ten so you wouldn't be stuck here until your next birthday. Happy b-day MC! We love you!

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