Miranda Cosgrove Borrows Biker Boots From the Set

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

Miranda Biker Boots Image 1

With iCarly entering its fifth and final season (tear!), Miranda Cosgrove is a pro when it comes to knowing the perks of Hollywood acting. While filming iCarly, she had her own dressing room and got to spend most of her day goofing off with jokesters like Jerry Trainor and Noah Munck. But that's not all! There were a few more bonuses to working on set of a hit Nick show...like raiding the wardrobe closet!

Miranda Borrows Biker Boots - 2

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Miranda explained that she loved borrowing from Carly's closet (she just had to give it back eventually). "I'm constantly stealing these biker boots from the stylist," she said. "She'll text me and say, 'I know you have those boots!'"

But even though she sometimes swiped a few styles from wardrobe, that's about the only bad bone in Miranda's body. When asked if she was rebellious, Miranda explained, "Not other than running my car into poles!" (Ouch!)

Blog Image: Miranda Biker Boots 3

And when it comes to crushes, she prefers a local gentleman to a bad boy. "I just want someone who lives in L.A," she said. "I'll meet someone and they'll be traveling all the time. Someone here -- that would help a lot."

Well, just one word of advice, Miranda...If you ever find that perfect guy, make sure to let him do the driving!


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