Miranda on the Road to Recovery

Posted on Sep 21, 2011

We've been wishing Miranda Cosgrove a 'get well soon' every day since her unfortunate ankle injury that she suffered last month in a tour bus accident. But it's a good thing she's got the coolest co-stars on planet Earth, because they're helping her get back into tip-top shape. And from the looks of it, this gal will be up and adam in no time! Jerry, Jennette, and Nathan dished to E! Online about how Miranda's doin' on her road to recovery...


Jennette said, "She's getting better...She's always so bubbly."

And Jerry added, "She's a very positive person...She's trying to keep busy. She's teaching herself Mandarin." Mandarin? Really?! ..."No," Jerry confessed. "I'm just trying to raise the bar. Give her something to shoot for."

Well, maybe MC isn't learning a new language, just yet. But she's still keeping herself occupied. Jennette even said she had plans to hang with her chummy cast mate. She said, "We're visiting her with some friends. We're going to bring her food from her favorite restaurant, and we're going to watch some movies." Wow. What a great pal!

So when will this sweet starlet be back in business? Well, according to Nathan, she'll be back on the set of iCarly before we know it. He said, "We're set to start back in January, so everything will be great by then. She'll be fine and we'll be ready to go."

Thanks for the update, guys. And stay positive, MC! You'll be Dancing Crazy again in no time!


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