Miranda Cosgrove is a Night Owl

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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Are you an early bird? Or would you rather rise with the moon than the sun? If you find yourself most energized in the evening, then you've got more in common with Miranda Cosgrove than you think! She told HuffPost LA that she's got a bit of a fondness for the after hours. But that doesn't keep her from being the bright and sunny star she is.

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"I'm a night owl all the way," Miranda said. "I stay up until 3 a.m. a lot of nights just playing guitar and watching movies with my mom. It gets me into trouble a lot though because I usually have to get up pretty early."

Going to bed late and getting up at the crack of dawn? When does Miranda find time for beauty sleep? Well, she doesn't really need it. She thinks true beauty lies within. "I think beauty comes from being yourself," she said. "I always find that I want to be friends with people that are offbeat and not afraid to embarrass themselves and just have fun. I used to feel the least beautiful when I didn't have makeup on, but over the last couple years I hardly ever wear makeup when I'm out with my friends."

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Makeup or no makeup, Miranda always looks gorgeous. And her glam look can be spotted in any crowd. "People come up to me a lot on Sunset Boulevard...and pretty often when I'm out places with my friends," Miranda explained. "Usually fans tell me their favorite [iCarly] episodes and lines... and ask if I'm dating Freddie."

LOL! Well, even with limited Zs, it seems like Miranda takes her super fame with ease.

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