Miranda's New College Life!

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

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For the past six seasons of iCarly, we've watched Miranda Cosgrove play our favorite web show host, Carly Shay. But now it's time for Miranda to close one chapter to embark on a whole new!! Miranda dished all her college plans to People magazine and we're bringing you the inside scoop!

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Web Show Hosting might not be a major at USC (Miranda's school of choice), but no worries. She's got another agenda in mind. She decided she wants to pursue a career path in either theater or writing. "I'm excited for theater," she said. "I've been acting for a while but theater is pretty different. I've never been in a play."

But even though this gal is studying up on other subjects, she's got no plans to leave the spotlight (so, no need to panic). Thus, her reason for picking a school so close to Hollywood! "I want to keep acting and I thought it would be easier if I lived in L.A.," Miranda dished. "And I get to stay near my family." Fun fact: Miranda's Dad also attended USC. Like father, like daughter we suppose!

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And even though closing the curtain on iCarly is a pretty emotional affair for Miranda, she's excited about hitting the books. "We're finished with iCarly forever, which is kind of crazy," she said. "Especially during the last scene, everyone started crying. But I'm also excited to start college. I'm just excited to meet people and learn!"

We're super excited for you too, Miranda. Best of luck!

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