Miranda Cosgrove Spills on the New iCarly Album

Posted on Jan 18, 2012

What's new with Miranda Cosgrove? Well, all you've gotta do is hit the web to find out! Miranda just finished her first-ever web chat with fans via Ustream. And she was dishing on everything from the new iCarly album to her fun time in the Big Apple!


Miranda started off by explaining what she's been up to lately. She said, "I just got back from New York a couple days ago. I was with Jennette and Nathan and Jerry and Noah. And it was the first time we all got to go there together. And we had a great time. We went to a burger joint and we walked around in the rain."

The cast has been traveling the country promoting the new iCarly album. But what's in store for their second record? Miranda explained, "...I got to record a bunch of the songs for it during my last tour. There are two new songs. There's one called 'Million Dollars' and one called 'All Kinds of Wrong'. And it was a lot of fun getting to do that album. And...Jennette McCurdy has a song on the album. And there are a bunch of other songs that are just like, our favorite songs that we listen to whenever we're in a car and driving around...And we did a song with the whole cast! There's one called 'Coming Home'. And it's a cover. It was totally random. We'd sing that song all the time on set. And then all of the sudden, we thought, 'Why not just do it for the iCarly album?' since we really do it all the time. So we went in the studio and Noah, who plays Gibby on iCarly, he rapped. It was pretty interesting. He's a good rapper! He loves rap music in real life, so it was really good."

But how has Miranda been getting around after her unfortunate ankle injury over the summer? Well, according to the star, she's back on her feet! She explained, "I broke my ankle on tour...And it's almost completely back to normal. But I had to go around on crutches for a long time. And I got pretty good at it. I can go up stairs really fast on crutches. It's my secret talent."

That's a hidden talent if we ever heard one! But maybe we should keep the crutch races to a minimum, just to be safe.

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