Miranda Says, 'Save the Seas'!

Posted on Sep 9, 2011

What's got two fins, rubbery skin, and a smile that lasts all day long? Why, Miranda Cosgrove's favorite animal, that's what! The iCarly star has got a sea-rious love for marine life, especially her flippered-friends, the dolphins! She loves them so much, in fact, that she's speaking out to make sure their home stays safe and clean. She spilled to M magazine about her biggest pollution pet-peeve, and how others can help to save the seas.


According to Miranda, pollution is a very serious matter. In fact, she lists it as one of her top pet-peeves (ours, too!). She said, "The thing that gets me is how people are always throwing things into the ocean. That makes me upset because I really like fish."

And she's got a special place in her heart for fish with flippers. She said, "I'm really into the sea. I always love going to the aquarium and seeing dolphins. Dolphins are my favorite animal!"

But how can we help to save Miranda's finned friends from polluted waters? Well, Miranda dished out a good tip on staying environmentally conscious. She said, "I try to help out the environment. Just turning off the water helps a lot."

Thanks for the tip, Miranda!


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