Miranda and Victoria Dish About iParty

Posted on Jun 8, 2011

Our two favorite starlets are finally coming together in the new mega show, iParty with Victorious (only 3 days left!). And EVERYONE is wanting to hear more deets on these two fab gals and their epic show clash! Well, they sat down with The New York Times and spilled some inside scoop about iParty.


Miranda shared some silly set stories. In iParty, Miranda goes undercover in a crazy mask of make-up to expose her two-timing beau. And she revealed what it was like wearing her silly iParty disguise. She dished, "It was so much fun. I went to a restaurant wearing it, and nobody recognized me. It was like therapy. My lip did start falling off halfway through, though." LOL! Scary!

And it sounds like Victoria and Miranda had a total blast on set together, too. Miranda said, "The same writer, Dan Schneider, created both shows, so it's like one big family. Doing the TV event we had so much fun - bonding at lunch and just getting to know everybody."

It looks like these superstar gals are new found friends! We love you guys...

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