Nathan Kress Spills on iCarly: iStill Psycho!

Posted on Dec 30, 2011

How will we be spending our New Year's this year? Curled up, watching the craziness unfold on iCarly, that's how! There's tons of excitement (and insanity) in store for the newest episode, iStill Psycho (which if you didn't know already, is the follow up to the unforgettable episode, iPsycho). And who better to tell us about all the action to come than Freddie, himself? Check out what Nathan Kress spilled to us about Nora's return!


He started off my dishing the plot points. He said, "'iStill Psycho' starts off when the iCarly crew finds out that Nora is being released on parole. Carly, Sam, and Freddie decide to go to the hearing to make sure that Nora stays in prison. But one thing leads to another, and Carly takes pity on Nora. She is released, and Nora's parents invite the kids to their house for a thank-you dinner. Since the parents are involved, the kids assume they're safe, but they soon find out that the parents are just as crazy as their daughter!"

But how did the cast react when he heard iPsycho' was getting a sequel? Nathan said, "We were all incredibly excited! That was one of our favorite story lines, so getting to go back to that was a really cool prospect. And we all loved Danielle Morrow, who played Nora, so we were all happy to be able to work with her again!"

And Nathan explained just how great it was working with the real Nora (who definitely isn't as cuckoo as her on screen counterpart). He said, "It was so much fun having her back on set. Danielle is such a great actress, and she's a real trooper! She had ear plugs stuck up her nose to make her sound congested, and those definitely weren't fun to have up there all day... I think one of the most memorable things is some of the crazy stunts that happened! Let's just say this episode definitely ends with a bang."

We can't wait for this crazy iCarly sequel. And just in case you were wondering what else was in store for the new year, you might just have to wait and see. When we asked about the new season, Nathan told us, "I guess all I can say is it's gonna be a surprise, because I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen! We won't see a script until maybe the week before filming, so it's still a mystery for everyone involved."

Well, at least we know it'll be worth the wait!

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