Nathan Trapped on a Desert Island?!

Posted on Apr 8, 2013

Nathan Trapped On A Desert Island 1

If you were exiled onto a deserted island for life, what would you bring with you? Your BFF? Your cellular? A tub of mac and cheese? Well, hopefully you'll never find yourself solo on a tiny pile of sand in the middle of the ocean. But just in case you do, Nathan Kress has got some words of wisdom for you. When ClevverTV asked him what three things he'd bring along if suddenly trapped on a deserted island, he stuck to the bare basics.

Nathan Trapped On A Desert Island 2

"Well, I guess the practical person in me would say food, water... probably somebody to keep me company!" he said. This may not sound like the most exciting answer ever, but Nathan's keeping it real. You don't wanna be trapped on an island with no food, do you?! We've got one question though, who would the company be? We vote Noah!

Nathan Trapped On A Desert Island 3

"I apologize for not being more creative" Nathan continued. "But I'm trying to think, literally, if I was on a deserted island, would I really want an ice cream maker?" Hmmm, although a strawberry cone might seem nice in the tropical island climate, we've gotta agree with Nathan. When it comes to survival mode, we'd take our bestie over sweet treats any day!


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