Nathan Kress Dishes On Hollywood Photo Shoots

Posted on Aug 27, 2012


Lights. Camera. Action! It seems like cameras are a celeb's best friend (they're pretty much around each other all the time). But what is it really like to be the star of your very own photo shoot? Well, who better to ask than a super celeb like iCarly's Nathan Kress? He told Fanlala all about what it's like being on set of a mega Hollywood photo shoot.


"Doing a photo shoot is a very interesting process," Nathan explained. "Basically the first step is to figure out what exactly you're going to wear and piecing together outfits. You know, combining what you have and what's on the rack. And then you go in and you get your face put on, and you have your hair done and all that stuff. Then you go out there."


Okay, so now that we've got our glam gear and happenin' hair, what's next? According to Nathan, "I would say the first five minutes when you actually start taking pictures is really awkward, because it always takes a couple minutes to get into the flow of taking pictures and stuff. But photo shoots are interesting, the end result is definitely worth it."

Having a crew of cameras pointed right at you does sound a bit intimidating, but when you're a pro like Nathan, a few minutes is all you need to go with the flow and take cover-worthy pics. So who's ready to say cheese?!

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