Nathan Kress Likes To Sleep In!

Posted on Sep 4, 2012


The sun is rising, the rooster is crowing and Nathan Kress is still drooling intro his pillow and dreaming of puppies and gum drops. Okay, we're not sure if he actually dreams of candy and canines, but we do know that as long as he doesn't have to be on set in the early AM, he's hitting the snooze! Check out what he told Seventeen magazine about sleeping in, which girly fashion totally confuses him and MORE!


While chatting with the mag, Nathan showed that no matter how busy his life in the biz may be, family always comes first. "I'm close to everyone in my family," he said. But who is he closest to? He explained, "...since so much of my time in LA has been spent with my mom, I'd have to go with her." Adorable!

But even though Nathan's close bond with mother dearest has probably tapped into his feminine side, he still has a few questions on female fashion. Like, 'Why do girls heart heels?!' "I know it's not a trend, but it definitely confuses [me]," he said. "With all the complaints about how painful and impractical they are, why do [girls] always wear them? And it doesn't help that I'm not very tall, so it makes even the shorter girls taller than me. Not cool!"


Maybe Nathan doesn't come in first on the vertical scale, but when it comes to his cool factor, he towers high above the rest! He is a TV star, after all. And he's completely content with his life in the spotlight. "I'm thankful to say that I already have my dream job. I wouldn't trade it for anything," he said. But the super celeb did admit to one other job he'd like to take on for the day. "Definitely the President. I'd want to know all the cool secrets that no one is allowed to talk about!" he gushed. Prez Kress? We like the sound of that!


But even though Nathan's got a secret wish for a spot in the White House, it might be some time before you see any "Vote For Kress" posters in the presidential campaign circuit. Again, he's pretty happy with his current gig. Although, there is one thing about Hollywood that he just can't overcome...the early morning call times! When asked about his worst habit, Nathan confessed, "I have to say oversleeping. Everyone else in the iCarly cast can operate on 5 hours of sleep, but not so for 'Old Man, Nathan!'"

So all the alarm clock salesmen and crowing roosters can rest easy, they've still got a job to do as long as Nathan's working in Hollywood. And by the sound of it, he's gonna be sticking around for a while!

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