Nick Detective!

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

Big Time Rush Nick Detective 1

Mystery alert! We just found a bunch of curious clues and we need your help to figure out what they mean. Here's what we already know. First, we found all of this evidence at the Nickelodeon studios, so we know this mystery has something to do with one of our favorite Nick stars. Second, we can't solve this alone. Join us in playing Nick Detective and help us find out what really went down!

Big Time Rush Nick Detective 2

Okay, so while hanging on the studio lot we stumbled upon this crumbled piece of paper. It looks like an old tweet, but some of the writing is smudged! Here's what we could make out... First, the mystery tweeter worked on the Big Time Summer Tour. Second, they're getting lessons of some kind. But from who? Could this tweet be from one of the boys from BTR? Are they getting trained in the art of jujitsu?

Big Time Rush Nick Detective 3

Here's the next piece of evidence. We found this in one of the studio garbage cans. The problem is, the picture is all ripped up! Can you tell which celeb is in the photo? What are they "learning?" Could it be skydiving lessons? Stretching lessons? Are they training for the flying trapeze?!

Big Time Rush Nick Detective 4

So, these are all the clues we've got. Now it's time to guess! But before we solve this Nick mystery, let's recap. This is a Nick celeb who worked on the Big Time Summer tour, they're learning a new skill from a mysterious teacher and they've got pretty great taste in socks. We're not sure if that's a clue or not, it's just something we noticed. Okay, ready to guess what really happened?!

Big Time Rush Nick Detective 5

We've got it! Here's the true story. During the Big Time Summer Tour, Kendall Schmidt got backflip lessons on a moon bounce from band mate, James Maslow! Kendall's real tweet read, "Just got a moon bounce backflip lesson by @jamesmaslow. Maybe I'll break it out by the end of #BigTimeSummerTour." And boy did these lessons pay off! We saw Kendall showing his impressive acrobatics at every show.

Now that we've got this mystery in the bag, it's time to go hunting for new questionable clues! If we find anything interesting, we'll be sure to give you a shout.

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