Nick Radio Launch Party!

Posted on Oct 25, 2013


Have no fear, Nick Radio is here! The awesome, new way to listen to all your fave tunes has finally arrived, and to kick off the epic party, we threw a monster bash filled with celebrities, good jams and an even greater host...Ciara Bravo! Our dashing star took time off her busy schedule to party with the best of 'em, and we have the pics to prove it.


Wherever there's a celebration, you can bet your last pair of striped tube socks that SpongeBob's going to be there -- especially if it means he can rock out to some jammy tunes! He and Ciara met up before things kicked up for an extra chummy pic that left us grinning ear to ear.


No, you’re not dreaming. The fabulous sing-song ladies of Fifth Harmony were also in attendance, and so was Cody Simpson! Yup, it was totally a pretty celeb-clad event.


The fun continued when these butt-kicking Kraang fighting machines came through, clad in their usual ninja green. They took tons of snaps with the lady of the night, and even threw in some too-cool moves while they were at it. Hi-yah!


Hosting is no sweat for Ciara. Let's face it -- for a star who's a Big Time Rush vet and is staring in the upcoming movie Jinxed, being in front of the camera is easy as pie. She rocked the mic like a pro all night long, and even shared the spotlight with Nick Radio's very own DJ Erica America and DJ Maxwell. It was EPIC!


Oh, you thought that was it? Well think again! We couldn't call this a Nickelodeon bash unless slime was involved, and trust us, there was LOTS of it. We even showered all of our DJ's in it! Welcome to the Nick fam! :)

The night was filled with tons of laughs, blubbery goo and happy memories, but just because the fiesta is over doesn't mean the celebration is too -- it's just begun! Join the fun with all your fave celebs and tunes on Nick Radio, and party it up!

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