Advice From the Nick Stars

Posted on Sep 8, 2011

Probs with the rents? Boy issues? Not to worry, the Nick Stars have got your back! They're spilling it all to fans in the pages of M magazine, who wrote in to ask the celebs for advice on some of their day-to-day dramas. And we've got some of their best words of the wise, right here.


Nathan Kress gave a the 411 to one fan in need of parental advice...

Rosie, 13: "Hey Nathan. Most of my friends have laid-back parents who let them do pretty much whatevs. But not my mom and dad! They have rules for EVERYTHING. I can't do so many thing everyone else in my crew does. Got any advice for me?
Nathan: "I think it's all about changing your perspective on your parents' rules. Most teens don't realize that those rules have your best interest in mind -- your parents are looking out for you. So maybe just try to understand that in the long run, everything is for your own good."


Then, Jennette McCurdy shared some of her wise words on body image...

Maria-Theresa, 12: "Hey Jennette, girls at my town's community pool started calling me chubby when they saw me in my bikini. I know I have curves but I never thought I was overweight. Should I listen to them and go on a diet?"
Jennette: " Believe me, we all go through body image issues. For me, it was looking at super tall and skinny models and getting insecure. Really, we all have different body types. All that matters is that you exercise, eat right and feel good about yourself."


And lastly, Ariana spilled some of her best crush advice..

Priscilla, 10: "After waiting all year, my crush finally asked me out. I spent a week picking out an outfit and getting so excited about it. But when we finally went out, it was AWFUL. He was so awkward and we had a tough time keeping a convo going. Should I give up on our love, Ariana?"
Ariana: "OMG, I've had awkward dates like that. The best thing you can do is laugh it off and when you get home, just know the other person is probably trying to get over the weird date, too. I'd just text him a joke and then give a second date a try."

That's what we call some superstar guidance. Thanks for the two-cents, guys! :)

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