Nick Stars at the MTV VMAs

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

Nick Stars Hit 2013 VMAs 1

The 2013 VMAs rocked Brooklyn, New York last night. And we caught some of our fave Nick celebs making an appearance! The night kicked off with a quick pre-show concert featuring Austin Mahone and our very own Ariana Grande. And we couldn't be happier to see Ariana in action, doing what she does best... performing! She got the crowd pumped with her hit songs, "Baby I" and "The Way," and proved she knows how to own the spotlight.

Nick Stars Hit 2013 VMAs 2

There to support Ariana were some other familiar faces, like Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt! There's no question he was cheering her on in the audience. But where were the other BTR boys? Probably off prepping for their own upcoming show at WWDOP, no doubt! But they were all there in spirit.

Nick Stars Hit 2013 VMAs 3

But we're not only talking performance props, here. 'Cause Ariana deserves an extra round of applause for her adorable red carpet ensemble. She wore a floral a-line mini, and paired it with some chic white pumps. In short, her VMA look left everyone VMA-zed!

Nick Stars Hit 2013 VMAs 4

To sum it all up, Ariana totally bewitched VMA-goers last night, thanks to her mind-blowing vocals and fearless fashion sense. And it was pretty cool seeing Kendall kickin' it in the crowd, too. Whenever Nick celebs like these make an appearance at an awards show, we're all winners!

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