Nick Stars at the Creative Arts Emmys

Posted on Sep 13, 2011

The Victorious and iCarly casts are preparing to take home gold! No they're not digging for buried pirate treasure (although, that would be pretty awesome). They were nominated for Emmy awards! Both casts showed up to the 2011 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards in California over the weekend, and they hit the red carpet together in style!


Victoria showed up in a gorge lavender gown and just couldn't contain her excitement about the nomination! She spilled to ClevverTV,"It's exciting! I'm so excited to be here with the entire cast and and see see Dan Schneider! He looks awesome! He's the creator of iCarly and Victorious and All That and The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh...So, we're just honored to be invited and to be recognized and it's all very exciting."


And Ariana Grande also dished to ClevverTV about their nomination, but she thought another Nick show truly deserved the win. She said, "I think iCarly should take it though...I think Dan Schneider should take one this year. And it think it should definitely be iCarly. Especially because they've been around the longest and they're such a fantastic show."

But why not Victorious? The starlet explained, "Well, it's only our first year! We've only been on television for like a year and a half. I just, can't even believe that we're nominated. It's such an honor. But I think I'm definitely going team iCarly on this one."


And Avan Jogia rejoined his cast after spending some time on a vacay abroad. Did you notice he wasn't in the "All I Want Is Everything" video?! Well, he finally spilled where he was. He told ClevverTV, "I was in Europe. I backpacked across Europe by myself for two months."


And while Liz strolled down the red carpet with the rest of her cast mates, she stopped to dish to ClevverTV about who she thinks would make for the perfect Victorious cameo. She said, "I'd like to have Jim Carrey on the show. I love him a lot. And I would love to have him on the show."


And last but not least, the hilarious trio of iCarly celebs, Jerry Trainor, Jennette McCurdy, and Nathan Kress, arrived at the awards lookin' shnazzy. And they even chatted to ClevverTV about what it's like dressing up for red carpet galas together. Jerry said, "That's the best part of it! 'Cause we're normally wearing casual affair type attire. And now we get to be all fancy pants. Pretend that we're mucky mucks." And Jennette joked about her costars' penguin suits, snickering, "I think it's fun to see them with their shoulders all broad and sturdy."

Well, we think all the Nick Stars looked fab while attending this awesome awards celebration...shoulder pads and all...

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