Fashion Friday: Leon's Wooden Tie

Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Leon Thomas Style Wooden Tie 1

Finally, it's Fashion Friday! And that means we're bringing you another hip fashion trend from the Nick stars. This week, we have a super solid spring fashion for you, so get ready to take a page out of Leon Thomas' book. Chapter one: Wooden ties are in!

Leon Thomas Style Wooden Tie 2

Your eyes do not deceive you! At the HALO Awards this year, Leon rocked this wooden bow-tie like a true trendsetter. And not only is this wooden wearable super unique, you don't even have to tie it. Just throw it on and let the compliments pour in!

Leon Thomas Style Wooden Tie 3

We don't know about you, but tree accessories sound like the perfect spring fashion to us! What could be next, bark bracelets? Just a thought...

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