Funny Fashions

Posted on Apr 13, 2013

Funny Fashions 1

If you think you've seen the world's weirdest trends, then think again! Some of the fashions we've seen our fave Nick stars sporting on set are downright hilarious. They're so funny, in fact, that we think they deserve some props. Take this goofy garb the gals of Victorious were wearing, for example. When Daniella Monet and Victoria Justice raided the wardrobe closet backstage, they found all kinds of accessories to give their style a kooky kick!

Funny Fashions 2

And when it comes to funky accessories, the iCarly set is full of them! Like this hamburger hat we caught Jennette McCurdy hanging around in. Give her a pair of french fry gloves and she'll be all set!

Funny Fashions 3

Wait a second... it looks like this hamburger hat thing is becoming a serious trend, 'cause we caught Lucas Cruikshank in one, too! Does this mean we should add one to our closet of clothes?

Funny Fashions 4

And of course we've gotta give a shout out to Carlos Pena's helmet. He's been wearing that thing since the very start of Big Time Rush, and it never stops being funny. Although, it has gotten a few upgrades over the years. Here he is sporting one in all white!

What do you think of these funny fashions? We dunno about you, but we think they're odd-orable!


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