Guess The Lyrics

Posted on Apr 28, 2013

Miranda Guess the Lyrics 1

We love jamming out to a catchy tune! But sometimes we get stuck on some of the lyrics. Yeah, it was definitely, "why I love you" and not "buy me tofu," like we thought. Oops. Anyway, we've got a game that'll help you learn the lyrics to some of your fave songs, or if you're already an expert, it'll just give you a chance to show us your chops. It's time to play, Guess the Lyrics! Here's what you've gotta do. We give you the lyrics, and you guess the song. It's as simple as that! Ready for the words?? Check it.

Miranda Guess the Lyrics 2

Sparks fly / it's like electricity / I might die / when I forget how to breathe

Do these lyrics sound familiar? Take your guess now, because the star that sings this jam is...

Miranda Guess the Lyrics 3

Miranda Cosgrove! This seasoned vet has been singing since she was a tiny tot, and this track, called Kissin U, is one of our fave songs to rock out to. Were you able to guess correctly? It's no sweat if you didn't because there's another round of Guess the Lyrics coming your way soon. Stay tuned!


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