Guess The Lyrics

Posted on May 12, 2013

Guess the Lyrics Matt 1

Alright all you songsters and lyrical masters, it's time again to put your musical genius to the test. It's time to play Guess the Lyrics! For this round, we're giving you a few lines to a tune that's catchy and packed with comedy. So, try not too chuckle too hard while trying to guess the singer of this funny tune. Ready for the words? Here goes...

Guess the Lyrics Matt 2

It's fun to run / It's fun to play / It's fun to make things out of clay... It's fun to break.... things made of glass!

After you recover from your laugh attack (these lyrics get us every time), take your best guess. Do you know which guitar-strumming talent belts out these beautiful lines?

Guess the Lyrics Matt 3

Time is up! The singer of these goofy lyrics is Victorious funny guy, Matt Bennett! In fact, he's the singer and creator of this throwback tune, "Broken Glass". And did you know he also got to perform it on The Diddly-Bops episode of Victorious? Ahhh, an oldie but a goodie!


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