Guess Who?

Posted on Aug 4, 2013

Guess Who Carlos Knight 1

Don't you love finding out cool, new factoids about your favorite celebs? Well, if you're a trivia buff, then it's time for you to put yourself to the test in another round of Guess Who. We're spilling three top-secret deets on a certain mystery star and it's up to you to reveal who they are! Here's the first clue: This person's a total athlete! They dished to AOL Kids, "I love basketball."

Guess Who Carlos Knight 2

Hmm, so we've got a master hooper on our hands... but that's not where the major skills end. "I started taking drumming lessons at four years old," said this mystery star. And we hear his jams are pretty sweet!

But hold onto your drumsticks, because we have one last clue! This star is also a big foodie and dreams of one day becoming a master chef. "I took culinary arts classes," he said.

Alright. That's a wrap for the facts and now it's time to guess away! Shout out your answer now, 'cause this mystery star is....

Guess Who Carlos Knight 3

Carlos Knight! This Supah Ninja is clearly extremely supah at many things, and that includes cooking, drumming and dribbling! But you already knew all that, right?


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