Kissing Tips From the Nick Stars

Posted on Aug 5, 2011

It's happened to all of us. You're sitting there with your crush, butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, face bright red, too afraid to speak because whatever you say might fly out of your mouth in a big fat blubber of jibberish. And just then, you see it out of the corner of your eye...Two big lips coming right for you!! Your first reaction? EXTREME PANIC!! But there's no need to be afraid...anymore. You're favorite Nick Stars are here to give you all the advice you need when it comes to locking lips. Check out all the kissing tips that they spilled to PopStar!, and be prepared next time you pucker up!


Taylor Gray: "Close your eyes!"
Dillon Lane: "Don't pucker too hard."


Nathan Kress: "My best kissing tip is...Just don't panic!"


Ashley Argota: "I wish I could say 'don't be nervous' but that's kind of inevitable because I was nervous when I had my first kiss. I think just relax."


Jennette McCurdy: "Don't eat tuna. Use breath mints. Brush your teeth often. Floss. And mouthwash!"

So brush up on your dental hygiene and keep your eyes closed at all times (but avoid running into anything), and you can kiss all your smooching fears goodbye...Literally!


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