Great Discoveries

Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Great Discoveries 1

In celebration of Columbus' discovery of America, we're taking the time to honor some other great discoveries! Can you imagine a world where Sanjay and Craig weren't BFFs? We think not. So, let's give it up to Nick's biggest and best findings in history! First up? Sam and her ham. When this girl discovered her favorite treat of meat, it was love at first bite. And her life was forever changed for the butter, err, better!

Great Discoveries 2

Another awesome discovery happened the day Donatello and April O'Neil first met. None of his ninja style and grace could save Donnie from falling hard for this red head. He knew he totally loved her from the start. Now if only she could discover his feelings...

Great Discoveries 3

When Sanjay discovered Craig, it was like two awesome things just got awesomer. Call it fate, luck, or just two rad dudes stumbling upon each other, this duo was totally meant to be!

Great Discoveries 4

Now for a spookier discovery... when the Hathaways came across the Prestons! This family of ghosts may have come off a little scary at first, but now these two families are as close as can be. In fact, they couldn't imagine a life (or past life) without each other. How bootiful.

We thank our lucky Nick stars that everything went down as it did, otherwise we'd be lost forever. Hooray for awesome discoveries! And happy Columbus Day!

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