Murphy's Law Breakers!

Posted on Dec 3, 2013

Murphy's Law Breakers 1

If you've seen Jinxed, you know that the Murphy's Laws are nothing to mess around with. But some of our Nick stars are testing their luck! Check out who we caught totally breaking these superstitious rules. Megan Murphy would NOT be pleased...

Murphy's Law Breakers 2

Murphy's Law Broken: #37 Watch out for sidewalk cracks.
The Culprit: Cat Valentine. She must have been too busy with her head in the clouds to see those cracks coming! Hey, at least she's wearing a helmet.

Murphy's Law Breakers 3

Murphy's Law Broken: #21 Beware of angry monkeys.
The Culprit: Louie Preston. This ghost-in-training is pretty familiar with animals (he's accidentally turned into a few of them), but angry chimps are never fun. Luckily he can always break out the banana suit in case of monkey emergencies!

Murphy's Law Breakers 4

Murphy's Law Broken #78: Never wear white.
The Culprit: Sanjay Patel. Seriously, this dude wears one color and one color only... but it's a recipe for disaster! Volcano Wing stains are almost impossible to get out.

Murphy's Law Breakers 4

Murphy's Law Broken #136: Be careful on roadtrips.
The Culprit: Sam Puckett. Driving can be dangerous, especially if you're a daredevil like Sam is. It certainly doesn't help that she's got a serious case of road rage and WILL get distracted if she spies a sandwich on the side of the road.

Fortunately, these Nick stars made it through without a scratch, but unless you're super lucky, disobeying a Murphy law usually spells disaster. Then again, sometimes rules were meant to be broken, right?


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