Random Celebrity Facts

Posted on Oct 1, 2013

Random Celeb Facts 1

Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite stars? Think again! Today we're bringing you some super strange, totally random celebrity facts that'll really make your head spin. Ready?

Here's your first fact: Ariana Grande doesn't have a middle name! Sure it sounds crazy at first, but when you've got two names that pack so much star power already, do you really need a third?

Random Celeb Facts 2

Jennette McCurdy plays a fearless babysitter on Sam and Cat, but she should really star on a show called Scardey Cat! This gal is super afraid of bees and sharks.

Random Celeb Facts 3

Carlos Pena makes his living singing, dancing and being all around awesome. But before he had his gig in Big Time Rush, did you know he worked in a grocery store? We have a feeling he hung around the corn dog aisle a lot.

Random Celeb Facts 4

There's a reason Daniella Monet rules all on AwesomenessTV. She's royalty! Well, sort of. She's distantly related to Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge). True story! Does this mean she gets to sport a crown and scepter? So cool.

Random Celeb Facts 5

Breanna Yde has a happy home in Hollywood thanks to her new gig on Haunted Hathaways. But her true home is in the land down under! Breanna was born in Sydney, Australia. Could she be hiding an Aussie accent? G-day mate!

We hope you enjoyed these ridiculously random fun facts. Now, the text time someone checks your Nick celeb IQ, you can feel free to hit 'em with some knowledge. POW!

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