Silly Selfies

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Silly Selfies

What do you get when you combine your fave Nick stars and characters and a camera? Sweet selfies, of course! Take a peek at these silly snapshots of your favorite peeps in all their selfie glory.

Woah, dude, check out this awesome pic of Mikey! It's not often that the TMNT get caught up in flashing lights, but when they do, you can expect them to strike a crazy pose. Say "Booyaka-CHEESE!"

Silly Selfies 2

Yes. Even SpongeBob takes selfies. And he snapped this one to show off his brand new hair 'do! Lookin' good SpongeBob, lookin' good!

Silly Selfies 3

Sanjay wanted to brag about his rad-awesome day at home by snapping a quick pic! We have a feeling it was a little harder for Craig to snap a selfie, though, on account of the no-arms and all.

Silly Selfies 4

A picture is worth a thousand words and this Rabbid selfie is no different. 'Bwahh' is a word, right?

Silly Selfies 5

Timmy Turner looks as cool as a cucumber! A great selfie needs just a pinch of magic. Luckily, Timmy's got two Fairy Godparents who are so on the job.

Silly Selfies 6

When you're as amazing as Aisha, you need to make a record how awesome you are... and often! Plus, the Winx really sparkle in pictures. Don't you agree?

We're feeling a little stunned after all those perfect snaps. Then again, there's a reason these guys are stars -- they can work a camera!


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