Slime Count

Posted on Oct 9, 2013

Slime Count 1

There's no doubt about it. Nick Stars are always getting slimed. And they love it! But how many times have your favorite stars tasted green goo? Allow us to tally....

Matt Bennett: 41
They call Victorious star Matt Bennett the "Slime King" for a reason. He's been slimed A LOT. The number is so large, even he forgets the count sometimes. "I think the count is something like 41 times," he told Just Jared Jr. That's just impressive.

Slime Count 2

Jennette McCurdy: 10
"This kid's been slimed quite a bit," Jennette told Tigerbeat and Bop. Quite a bit indeed! She's taken a slime shower around 10 times and it's always been awesome! "Every time it gets better, gooier, messier, I love it," she told us.

Slime Count 3

Ariana Grande: 2
It may surprise you to learn that Nick vet Ariana Grande has only been slimed a couple of times! 2 times, to be exact. She's got some catching up to do, but we see lots of green in her future.

Slime Count 4

Ciara Bravo: 9
Ciara Bravo is young, but in slime-time, she's way beyond her years. This gal has been slimed at least 9 times! Her opinion on the matter? "It was amazing," she told us, "It was honestly kind of like a dream come true because I grew up watching people get slimed."

Slime Count 5

Kendall Schmidt: 3
What's slippery, cold and green all over? BTR boy Kendall Schmidt! He's been slimed 3 times. He told PopCandies TV, "I feel like I'm being dyed green slowly." LOL!

Slime Count 6

Logan Henderson: 3
Fellow Rusher Logan Henderson has also been slimed 3 times! But that's no surprise, 'cause the BTR guys sing together, act together, and get slimed together!

Slime Count 7

James Maslow: 3
James Maslow has also been slimed 3 times, just like his buds Kendall and Logan. Hey, getting covered in green goo is more fun when you're with friends!

Slime Count 8

Carlos Pena: 4
Carlos Pena wins the BTR contest of slime. He's been drenched 4 times! The boys better catch up before Carlos leaves them in the slimy dust.

Slime Count 9

Victoria Justice: 6
Victoria has definitely been victorious when it comes to getting the green goo to the face. 6 times in fact! What does such victory taste like? We wonder...

Slime Count 10

Daniella Monet: 4
And last but not least, Awesomeness TV's Daniella Monet has been slimed a total 4 times and she still can't get enough.

Are you green with envy over these super slime numbers? Don't worry, if you're lucky enough you'll get a chance to get slimed too one day. One day very soon...

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