Thank You, Nick Stars!

Posted on Oct 8, 2013

Thank You Nick Stars 1

We love our Nick celebs and characters so much, we thought it was about time for a big 'ol, "Thank you." Check out our Nick-inspired thank you notes!

Thank you, Sanjay Patel, for bringing back the plain white tee.
Sanjay is a simple guy. All he needs are some hot chicken wings, his best bud by his side and some simple duds to keep him happy. He's been rocking the plain white tee and black shorts combo for years and now we have him to thank for bringing it back in fashion!

Thank You Nick Stars 2

Thank you, Ariana Grande, for giving us the new dance jams on the reg.
Without her producing and performing awesome tunes, we'd be lost forever! No song can make you jump out of your seat and wiggle like a Grande jam. So take a bow Ariana.

Thank You Nick Stars 3

Thank you, Squidward, for making the clarinet cool.
On behalf of band members everywhere, we salute this grumpy Bikini Bottom dweller. Even though we may be rocking the vest-and-pants-combo band uniform, we're still rocking out on the same instrument as SpongeBob's nifty neighbor.

Thank You Nick Stars 4

Thank you, Big Time Rush, for keeping the hair gel market in business.
Come on, how else do you think they get it to look that perfect? Without boy bands, would hair gel even exist?

Thank You Nick Stars 5

Thank you, Haunted Hathaways, for proving that the monsters hiding under our beds might actually be our next best friends. Never fear!
Scared of ghosts? Why would you be? Our Haunted Hathaways stars have proven that ghouls are cool and that there really are friendly ghosts. Even if you're forced to share the same roof with them.

Gracias, Merci, Arigato... it doesn't matter how you say it, as long as you give thanks when thanks is due. And today, it was!

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