Why Pets RULE

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Why Pets Rule 1

Everybody knows that pets are awesome. But do you know why they're so awesome? We do! Check out our list of all the reasons why owning a fluffy friend totally rocks.

They're someone to hang with!
There's nothing better after a long day of flipping patties than chilling out beside your favorite snail and meowing at a movie.

Why Pets Rule 2

They're great chiropractors.
Sometimes a big bear hug from your fave pal is all you need to set yourself straight. Actually, scratch that. Snake hugs are way better. Look at Craig go!

Why Pets Rule 3

They work as a pillow!
When you're tired, just cozy on up to your friend made of fur. The fuzzier the better.

Why Pets Rule 4

They're great listeners.
Need to vent? Just chat to your pet! Bonus: They'll never interrupt you when you're in the middle of a story.

Why Pets Rule 5

They can help you take over the world!
If you're like Max Thunderman, you'll be happy to know that pets can make the perfect villainous sidekick. No one would ever expect the cute cuddly rabbit to be plotting an evil attack against the universe! Muahaha!

Whether it's a furry shoulder to lean on or a helping paw in times of need, owning a pet is always a win-win.


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