Ninja Knowledge

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

Supah Ninjas Knowledge 1

Have you ever toyed with the idea of throwing on a cape and mask and fighting crime as a super hero? If you have, listen up! We've got tons of tips for all you heroes-in-training out there, thanks to the crime-fighting Supah Ninjas, Gracie, Carlos and Ryan. They took a time out from practicing their karate kicks to share some wise ninja knowledge with us. And we're sharing it all with you!

Ninja Knowledge Fact 1: Always wear a mask and keep your ego in the dark. "It's all for good," Carlos explained. "We fight in the shadows and none of it is about the attention, it's all for what's right."

Supah Ninja Knowledge 2

Ninja Knowledge Fact 2: Be well-trained in the arts of hide and seek. "A ninja has to know martial arts, the best places to hide and has to know that nobody can know that they're a ninja," Gracie revealed.

Supah Ninja Knowledge 3

Ninja Knowledge Fact 3: Keep your belly full! "Always pack a ninja snack to go 'cause you never know how long the mission's gonna be," Ryan said.

So there you have it. To be a true hero, you've gotta stay humble, stay hidden and stay nourished! Now get out there and save the world, would ya?

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