Noah Crawford Gets Comedy Tips From Jerry Trainor!

Posted on Aug 17, 2012


Noah Crawford is pretty good at playing the funny guy. He makes us LOL as the hilarious Gravity 5 keyboardist Nelson on How to Rock and he gives us the giggles by presenting all the latest and greatest viral vids on You Gotta See This. He even admitted to Popstar! that he and co-star Chris O'Neal will go to great lengths in the name of comedy. "We will do anything to make you laugh," he said. "No matter what it is. Whether it's fall down a thousand times or run into a metal gate, which we've had to do, but we'll do it. We're always down for anything."

And even though Noah was born with the funny gene, he still has a few comedic idols that he goes to for one of Nick's own comedy vets, Mr. Jerry Trainor!


"We did this improv class together and Jerry Trainor from iCarly came and he was like, our guest teacher," Noah said. "He's hilarious. He's so cool. So to get to work with him, that'd be fun." Not only would that be fun, but it'd be funny! Getting these two hilarious actors together would be a dream come true. Hey, you never know when crossover cameos might arise!

And just in case all you gals out there were wondering, Noah's passion for comedy follows him further than cool cameo co-stars and falling over for a laugh. It's a part of his heart! When he was asked what he looks for most in a crush, he said, "Probably to have a good sense of humor...If there's a girl who laughs at all my jokes, she's in."

By the way he keeps us in stitches every time he's on screen, we can say, quite surely, he'll have zero problem with that!

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