Noah Crawford Is Nicknamed The Biebs?!

Posted on Aug 16, 2012


On How To Rock, Nelson is the keyboard king! His character rocks out with Gravity 5 to make the best jams in all of Brewster High. But the real life Nelson, AKA Noah Crawford, is also passionate about music. He chatted with Clever TV about his musical skills and challenges after scoring his role in the show. Plus, he spilled another set secret...his adorable nick name!


Noah explained that he's still trying to learn to read music. Even though his character makes playing the keyboard look easy, Noah said it's actually pretty difficult. He wants to "be able to read music and play without having to think about it." Hey, practice makes perfect!


As for dancing, Noah's in the clear. While his cast mates often have to work on rigorous dance routines, Noah explained that his character is normally behind the keyboard, so he doesn't need to learn the steps! But Noah did admit that when he rocks out, he does a cool little hair flip (which is how co-star Lulu Antariksa coined his set nickname, Justin Bieber). LOL!

There's so much more of Noah Crawford coming your way, especially with all new episodes of How To Rock and You Gotta See This approaching. So, don't miss a single beat (or Noah's adorable JB hair flip).


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