Noah Crawford Thinks Nelson Is A Genius

Posted on Sep 14, 2012


When it comes to superlatives, the students of Brewster High (especially the gals) might vote Nelson as Gravity 5's 'least likely to score a date.' But there's one person who thinks he's a total genius, regardless of his lady luck...Noah Crawford! It's no secret Nelson's the keyboard king, but Noah believes his genius is way more than musical. In an interview with Seventeen, he dished all about Nelson's business ability, inventive ideas and of course, his snacking skills...


"Nelson is like an evil genius, without the evil part," Noah said. "He's always coming up with crazy ideas, like how to get snacks without ever leaving the couch or a way to make money at school." Those are some skills we'd like to have! And so would Noah, since he's actually not much of a scientist himself. He admitted, "I haven't been all that into science in real life, but playing this character I wish I was because he can literally build anything he wants for any type of situation. It's an incredible skill if anyone can actually do that." We agree!


But Nelson isn't the only How to Rock character that Noah admires. The whole cast is actually a tight-knit crew. "We're all pretty close," Noah said. "We all chill off-set. Chris O'Neal and I play best friends on the show and we get along really well in real life too. He's hilarious. But we are all good friends and sometimes we'll go have movie nights at Max Schneider or Halston Sage's house."

From his own kooky character to the rest of the crew, Noah definitely has a special connection with the How to Rock group...even when the cameras are off!

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