12 Things You Didn't Know About Noah Munck!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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We know tons about the shirtless wonder, Gibby, on iCarly. Like how he prefers liquid soap to bar soap and how spring doesn't start until he sees his shadow. But what do we know about the guy behind the Gibmeister? Well, not enough! But don't worry. We've got twelve super fun facts about Noah Munck that'll make you and expert in all Munck-matters in no time!

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Check out the top twelve facts that Noah spilled about himself to AOL Kids...

12. "I love to collect vinyl records."

11. "I love to mountain bike."

10. "I like to read graphic novels."

9. "I love playing video games."

8. "I love to play the guitar."

7. "I love to mix and DJ."

6."I like traveling and helping those in need."

5. "I love to vacation on North Shore of Oahu."

4. "I love to hang with my sister and three brothers."

3. "I love to workout."

2. "I love that my dad is a church pastor."

1. "I love living in the OC; Orange County, California."

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A day hanging out with Noah Munck jammin' on the guitar, mountain biking, and battling it out in video games? We're SO in!

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