Noah Munck Ditched Dance For the Small Screen

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

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If there's one thing we remember about Gibby Gibson, he had two left feet. But the true boy behind Seattle's shirtless wonder used to be a bit of a lord of the dance! Noah Munck dished to Fanlala about how he went from the dance floor to the small screen. Plus, he spilled a little more about his TV fam and his thoughts on the legend that was the Gibmeister.

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Noah dished about how he was alike to his on-screen counterpart, explaining, "Gibby and I are kinda, we have an outgoing personality. I think that's what we share. But other than that, Gibby's a total weirdo, I think. And I just bring my own stuff to that character. I mean, I'm definitely not Gibby in real life. I'm out there a little bit, but I'm not as out there as Gibby. Gibby's way out there. Gibby's gone."

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But how did Noah find his fate as the wackiest sidekick on the web? Noah dished, "I got into acting because my sister always wanted to do acting. So she would take acting classes, and I would take these hip-hop classes on the other side of the studio. So I would always have to wait for her as she continued her acting class. Then, one day the teacher called me into the class...So I came in and I'm like, 'Wow this is really cool, I like it'...So she said, 'Wow, why don't you try out for an agent? You have a knack for this.'...So I tried out for an agent and then it just took off from there."

So, now you know that every time we enjoyed Noah random dancing as the hilarious Gibby Gibson, he was actually trained for it!

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