Happy Birthday Noah!

Posted on May 3, 2013

2013 Noah Munck Birthday 1

Fridays are always a cause for excitement, but today there's an even BETTER reason to celebrate. It's Noah Munck's birthday! Yup, this Nick star is ringing in another year and we're giving him some bday props by listing the five things that make him so awesome. 'Cause a birthday is the perfect time to tell someone how much you heart them, right?

2013 Noah Munck Birthday 2

1. He's hilarious! There's really no need to explain. It's just fact.
2. He loves to stay active! He told the peeps over at ClevverTV that he prefers the mountains over the beach, anytime, anywhere!
3. He's a great friend! iCarly may be over, but Noah's still besties with all of his fellow cast mates.
4. He's a music lover. Not only is he an awesome DJ, but he also collects vinyl records. Cool!
5. He's a sweet sibling. If you're a Noah-it-all, you already know that Noah comes from a big family. And he gets along great with his three brothers and sister. How adorable!

So, birthday festivities up in the mountains anyone? There's nothing like a bday hike with one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood. Happy birthday Noah!


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