Noah Munck Dishes Deets on iCarly: iBattle Chip

Posted on Jun 8, 2012


You may remember a certain little prankster who goes by the name of Chuck, and the awful, terrible (though funny) tricks he loves to play on poor Spencer. Tricks like smashing his PearPhone, slapping him around, and locking him in basement storage for two days. Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, according to Noah Munck, "iBattle Chip is about Spencer's rival Chuck has gone away." Chuck's out of luck! Hip hip hooray!! Oh, right, the bad news. "...and now his little brother has come to take revenge on Spencer. Chip. So Chuck and Chip," Noah added.


Yikes! A tinier version of Chuck! But Chip can't possibly be worse than his big bro...right? Anyway, Noah said there's even more rivalry to come in the episode. "Gibby gets a phaser, like a prized possession from one of the movies he loves," he said. "He's so stoked that he got it. Sam gets into a fight with a bully, and Carly drops the phaser and it breaks. So Gibby is devastated, but Freddie comes in and fixes it and makes it a super powered laser that actually works! It can actually cut holes in things."


A phaser?? We bet Spencer wouldn't mind getting his hands on that for his epic battle with Chip! With so much crazy action happening in this episode, aren't you wondering what Noah's fave part is? Well, according to the star, "My favorite part of the phaser episode is when the phaser is about to explode, because Gibby is such an idiot that he set it to overload." Oopsies!


An exploding phaser, a tiny little monster, and Sam fighting a bully. What more can you ask for in a single episode? In the words of Noah, "Stay tuned because it will be fun!"

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