Noah Munck is Totally Tough!

Posted on May 27, 2013

Nicky 3

Tonight Noah Munck is transforming into a tough guy in his new movie Nicky Deuce! But is it all an act? Don't let his sweet boy-next-door look fool you, 'cause Noah is one bad dude. And we're here to show you just why you should think twice before you mess with Mr. Munck.

Nicky 1

Nothing says "I mean business" like some serious shades. In these specs, Noah looks cooler than cool and we wouldn't be surprised if he told us he ate nails for breakfast!

Nicky 2

You can't be tough if you don't have muscles. And Noah's got 'em! Why? Word on the street, is this guy loves to pump iron! In an interview with AOL Kids, the star confessed, "I love to workout."

Nicky 4

And Noah knows how to be a boss, 'cause he's a real life big bro! Noah's sibling Ethan Munck starred alongside him in iCarly and it was always clear who was in charge. Sorry Guppy, but you're not quite old enough to swim with the big fish!

Okay okay, we're just joking around. Nicky Deuce is no-nonsense, but Noah's one big softy! Seriously, this guy is an adorably sweet teddy bear. But if you want to see a side of Noah you've never seen before, then don't miss him getting totally tough in Nicky Deuce, hitting the tube TONIGHT at 8/7c!


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