Noah Munck Spills on New iCarly Episodes

Posted on Aug 20, 2012


The iCarly series finale may be on the (distant) horizon, but there's still plenty of web-show goodness to look forward to! We know you're at the edge of your seats waiting for what's next, so to make the wait a little bit shorter, Noah Munck sat down with TVLine to talk about what to expect from the newest episodes. According to Noah, the episodes will be full of "road trips and crazy antics," plus, "a lot of performances from Gibby -- maybe even one with Freddie." And in typical iCarly cameo fashion, the cast is getting some super guest stars to add to the fun to come!


iCarly has ushered in cameos from oodles of stars, from One Direction to First Lady Michelle Obama! And although Noah told TVLine that he had a list of people he would like to be on the show (including Tom Hanks and iCarly fan Brad Pitt), Noah is especially excited for the latest super-guest-star, Jimmy Fallon! Noah gushed, "Hands down, he was my favorite guest star. I'm such a big fan, and he was so funny and fun to work with."


But guest stars are only a small part of the show, and Noah admits that his most favorite thing about iCarly is his regular cast mates. "All these years, we've grown together like brothers and sisters," he said. "It's so fun working every day with my best friends."

And even though Noah loves showing up to work with his best buds every day, he agreed that this was the right time for the final iCarly curtain to fall. "We want to end on a high note, [and] we don't want to overstay our welcome. We're at the top, so that's where we want to stop!"

Well, we can't argue with that logic! And now that we know the upcoming shows will have crazy antics and performances-a-plenty, we just can't wait! How about you?

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