Noah Munck at the Teen Choice Awards

Posted on Aug 10, 2011

iCarly took over the Teen Choice Awards this year, with THREE nominations! But Noah Munck was the one getting the show started on the red carpet. He dished to PopStar! about everything from what awards he'd like to win, to what a gal's gotta do to impress him. Check it out.


Noah attended the awards to support iCarly's nomination for Choice TV Show: Comedy, but what when Noah was asked which award he wanted most, he said, "Best sidekick." Don't worry Noah, you've got our vote for KCA 2012!

And he was a good sport about his show going up against the other hip shows in Hollywood. He said politely, "May the best show win."

But enough with all the awards show talk! We wanna know more about Noah! Well, when he was asked about what a gal's gotta do to win him over, he spilled the secret. He said, "Be funny and be confident. That's pretty much what impresses me."

And on the weekends this silly TV sidekick likes to keep it chill. He said his fave weekend activity is, "Hangin' with friends. Just chillin' out. Pretty much doing nothing..."

Hey, we'd have no prob gettin' some R&R on the weekends with the hilarious Gibbmeister. And we'll make sure to crack a few jokes, too! ;)


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