Ryan Potter's Odd Jobs

Posted on Apr 14, 2013

Ryan Jobs 1

It's a tough job, getting good grades by day and sweeping the streets clean of criminals by night. Yes, a Supah Ninja's work is never done. But let's take a second to imagine a world where Ryan Potter wasn't a karate-kicking machine 24/7. What else would he be doing? Well, we cooked up a few possibilities...

Ryan Jobs 2

It's clear Ryan is a born entertainer, so if he wasn't an actor, maybe he'd be a different kind of performer... like a clown, perhaps? It may not involve karate kicking or judo chopping, but hey, juggling takes just as much coordination. Plus, his stealthy skills are perfectly suited for some high-flying acrobatics!

Ryan Jobs 3

But Ryan's a real risk-taker, so he might need something more out-of-this-world than juggling pins and blowing up balloon animals. Well, what if Ryan took a job as an astronaut in space?! Yep, we think Ryan would be a supah astronaut, going places no ninja has ever gone before. If you thought Ryan could kick high on Earth, just wait til he's bouncing around on the moon!

Even though we think Ryan would be awesome at any job, we're pretty happy he decided on acting. What would the Supah Ninjas be without him?!


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