One Direction: A Year In The Making Hits The Tube Tonight!

Posted on Jul 14, 2012


It's time to sport your I Heart Harry tees and wave your Insane For Zayn posters high in the air. 'Cause it's finally time to catch the epic special, One Direction: A Year In The Making, on Nickelodeon TONIGHT! You've been celebrating right alongside us for two weeks, quizzing your smarts in the ultimate 1D IQ test and learning more about Zayn, Niall, Harry Louis and Liam. And now, you're as prepared as you'll ever be to see the band's full journey come to life!


Tonight, you'll get to watch (and swoon) as the boys of One Direction go from your average teenager, to X-Factor competitor to the super-group of the century! And after the show wraps, you won't need to huddle in a corner and cry that the most 1Derful special of all time is over. Because we'll have it right here on for the next seven days! So feel free to replay to your heart's content.

So who's ready to get their Direction on? (Like we even have to ask). Don't miss One Direction: A Year In The Making coming to your living room TONIGHT at 8/7c!


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