Watch One Direction: A Year In The Making HERE!

Posted on Jul 15, 2012


Let's get's impossible to have too much One Direction in your life, right? We'll be the first to admit it (we did spend the last two weeks dishing facts and quizzing our smarts on the boys after all)! Ever since these five talented young Brits touched down in the USA, we haven't been able to keep our eyes off of them. And after watching last night's special, One Direction: A Year In The Making, we're even more in love with 1D (who knew that was even possible?!). So if you've ever wondered how the 1D boys made it to the top of the fame game, or you just loved the special so much you need an encore, here's your chance to relive it all.


We've got the full episode of One Direction: A Year In The Making right here on for ONE WEEK ONLY! That means you have a full seven days to watch Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam make their way to super-stardom over and over again! But don't be fooled, time flies! So watch it here now before it's too late. To give you a better idea, seven days means one-hundred and sixty-eight hours, ten-thousand and eighty minutes, or six-hundred thousand eight-hundred seconds! Keep your eye on the time, 'cause you've gotta soak up all the 1D you can manage ASAP, right? GO NOW!

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