One Direction Forgets the Lyrics?

Posted on Jun 13, 2012


Ask any Directioner, and they'll tell you the 1D boys are PERFECT, and always have been. Well, okay. We admit they're pretty perfect. But they're still guilty of a few embarrassing moments. Liam Payne and Harry Styles dished to 99.9 Virgin Radio on some of their early struggles when they were still musicians in the making. According to Liam, the boys initially had some trouble harmonizing. "I used to hum a note and try to think of the note above that, and it just wasn't working at all," he said. "So we always used to sing all the songs together, in unison, like boys around a campfire. It was ridiculous."


We know, it's hard to imagine One Direction having any kind of musical mishaps, but if practice makes perfect, there's gotta be a few mistakes in the mix. Right? Well, Liam explained that even he has been known to mess up a lyric or two on stage. "The second gig we ever did I forgot the words," he said. "And I pretended that the mic was broken so I could get away with it. That's a good one, if anyone forgets the words just tap the mic a little!" Liam, you're a genius! And hey, you're not alone. Harry's had his share of slip-ups too. "One show, I sang the second verse in front of the first," Harry explained. "So then I had to change one of the words."


So, they may have gotten a bit mixed up while under the spotlight, but it only makes them that much more loveable. And judging by how much they've grown since their start, we know which direction they'll continue to take...up, up, UP!

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